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The company AeroGATES was founded in 2008.

This was the result of a long journey since the 1980s, between personal work carried out by its precursors or through the association STAR (Specialized Training in Aeronautics & Research). STAR was the only UETP (University Enterprise Training Partnership) recognized by the European Union in the aeronautics sector.

Stopped in 2007, its activity reappears under the banner of AeroGATES. 


For the record, the logo was kept.


During this period, many projects were carried out at the request of French or European institutions such as the MEN (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the AFD (French Development Agency), the European Commission.

Finally, EADS nternational & Airbus asked AeroGATES for projects in the field of the maintenance aeronautical training (PART-66/PART-147 and Bachelor & Master degrees).

The development of the engineering activity for the benefit of aeronautical training is the core business of AeroGATES.
We will present here the most significant achievements, from the oldest to those in progress or planned.

Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology (HIAST)

ISSAT (Institut Supérieur des Sciences Appliquées et de la Technologie) - now HIAST - was the first achievement.


Requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this programme took place from 1980 to1982.

All courses were created, as well as the laboratories (purchase of equipment and installion of practical work)





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IMA project (1987)

The project  for the creation of the IMA (1987) received a unanimous consensus and many financial contributions for its realization.


The French state provided the land for the construction. The land is located on the edge of the Bordeaux-Mérignac airport, close to aeronautical companies (Sabena Technics, Dassault Industries, Thalès, etc.)


The local authorities (City of Mérignac, Gironde Departmental and Aquitaine Regional Councils) and the European Union are financing the construction and scientific equipment,
Industrialists (Airbus and Air France) contribute equipment, aircraft and simulators.

IMA symbol
IMA inauguration (1992)
Modern laboratories at IMA/Evering


Today, IMA/Evering has the status of an engineering school (INP - Institut National Polytechnique).




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EADS International called on AeroGATES to create an EASA PART-147 training center at the CCQ - Competence Center of Qatar. CCQ is a part of the QSTP (Qatar Science Technological Park).


PART-66 courses were created, as well as the laboratories (purchase of equipment and installation of practical work).


The work programme ran from 2005 to 2008. 






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In partnership with UOB (University Of Balamand), AeroGATES coordinated the SF-HEAT project financed by the EU as part of the TEMPUS programme.

The objective was to open university (bachelor and master) and professional (PART-66) training courses at UOB in the speciality of aeronautical maintenance.

The work programme ran from 2010 to 2013. During this period, AeroGATES developed a new version of the PART-66 courses, MCQs and "open questions".


New features were added to the elearning platform: "ElearnSTATION". 

Finally, a large number of new laboratories were created.

Balamand Institute of Aeronautics: Inauguration (2013)
New library by AeroGATES (Project SF-HEAT - TEMPUS) New library by AeroGATES (Project SF-HEAT - TEMPUS)
Hangar & planes at UOB





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AeroGATES is a company  specialized in the realization of projects with an international dimension.

AeroGATES operates in the world to support the growth of aeronautical activities.

AeroGATES develops:     

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