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Presentation and Applications

Robert REGIPA:

The main objective of the programme AeroLIFTER is to develop and operate a new concept of aerostat that puts into practice the research conducted in recent years by Mr Robert REGIPA, founder and designer of stratospheric balloons at the French National Space Studies Centre (CNES).

In order to promote technological innovations and develop their applications out of the spatial field, Robert REGIPA studied forms and constraints, determined the best configuration and simulated the behavior of a structure to allow its industrialization.

To do this, Robert REGIPA leverages fundamental knowledge of the physical aerostatic related to the design and use of stratospheric balloons.

The main innovation developed by Robert REGIPA is the «Module Aérostatique Pilotable - MAP», which was the subject of a patent filed in 1984 by CNES and provided a solution to maintain tension on the envelopes constituting airships operational all time


Robert REGIPA is winner of the Academy of Sciences.


1. MAP description:

Global concept:

The concept of MAP  is innovative compared to traditional airships (horizontal development) which are:

  • unstable, because of their very high sensitivity to air movements which naturally tend to position them vertically,
  • no able to carry heavy loads due to their inability to withstand very high pressures imposed for heavy transport. 

Conversely the MAP is:

  • stable due to its vertical design.
  • able to carry heavy loads, thanks to its design adapted to maintain high voltages and technology based on the use of horizontal frets, new generation materials (high tenacity fibers) and carbon-carbon bonds.


Each MAP is modular. The items required to build a MAP are identical regardless of the size. Only the number of items changes.

The aerostatic crane will be formed by the assembly MAPs from pole to pole by flexible links.


This system is only used to lift very heavy loads without energy consumption and maintain a fixed altitude (phenomenon diver).


The change in altitude is simply operated by shedding ballast or atmospheric air.


Towing is completely independent and is performed by an external system towing at low speed.

Pole assembly technology:

Example of attachement systems:

2. AeroLIFTER applications:

Beyond heavy transport applications, there are many others in a wide variety of sectors. I will present a few ones, though not exhaustive: 

  • Humanitarian rescue missions. AeroLIFTER does not need any structures to land or take off,
  • Firefighting on a very large scale and in inaccessible areas,
  • Intensive irrigation of cultures,  
  • Artificial rain in very hot and dry regions, 
  • Protection against the sun and heat radiated, 
  • Network of sub-satellites (communications, internet, etc.),
  • The production of electricity:
    • 1. by the deployment of very large solar panels,
    • 2. by Magnus effect.
  • Etc.
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