AeroGATES , at your service...
AeroGATES , at your service...


.AeroGATES team

AeroGATES is composed of high-skill experts working in industry or in university for optimum Quality results. 

We offer our expertise, guidance and know-how so as to better meet your requirements.


AeroGATES skills

The skills of AeroGATES are located in the aeronautics sector and more specifically in the engineering of university or professional training, for example:

  • Design of training centers: buildings, laboratories, course materials or detailed practices,
  • Establishment of international training programs at universities or training centers.


EASA training proposal

In addition, AeroGATES has developed a set of products that comply with EASA specifications, and enables the rapid creation of training centers and their EASA  PART-147 approval.

A second important part of the AeroGATES activities  is the individual qualification Part-66 for aeronautical maintenance personnel through online course materials and personalized support for the preparation of examinations.




Other  sectors

Some information will also be available concerning another sectors than training, for example the "AeroLIFTER" project.

AeroGATES is a company  specialized in the realization of projects with an international dimension.

AeroGATES operates in the world to support the growth of aeronautical activities.

AeroGATES develops:     

  • education projects,
  • training activities
  • new concepts of transportation,
  • etc ...

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