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New projects are currently underway.One of them is underway.

  • This is the case, for example, of the PART-147 certification of the HeliCONTROL center in Hungary.
  • The second project aims to create a regional training center in Mauritius to meet the training and qualification needs of technicians from the SDAC (Southern African Development Community) and the Indian Ocean.

Finally, we will also talk about a renovation project of a training center located in Guadeloupe and created in 2017: the IMAC (Institute of Aeronautical Maintenance of the Caribbean).

HeliCONTROL approached AeroGATES in April 2020 to set up an EASA PART-147 training center. 

This will be attached to the activity that HeliCONTROL develops in the field of helicopter maintenance.

HeliCONTROL is holder of the EASA PART-145 approval and has a great industrial expertise.


Today, the file has been submitted to the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority and the PART-147 approval process is underway.

HeliCONTROL's trainig center
HeliCONTROL's PART-145 hangar

The EASA PART-147 center project in Mauritius is underway.

Steps are being taken to meet the best conditions for the success of a PART-147 organization with a regional dimension.

AeroGATES has already carried out several missions in Mauritius, and today we are entering the final phase of the project.


A first achievement, the IMAG (Institute of Aeronautical Maintenance) was born in 2017. It allowed the training of two classes of mechanics.

Difficulties have arisen in its local organization. The project has therefore been suspended and its restart is planned for 2023.Improvements will be made in order to guarantee its future sustainability.

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