AeroGATES , at your service...
AeroGATES , at your service...

PolyAERO and AeroGATES partnership

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AeroGATES is involved in the realization of the PolyAERO training center, located in GAP - TALLARD, in the "Alpes de Haute Provence - France".

The contribution of AeroGATES consists essentially to provide courses and MCQs for PART-147 EASA accreditation.

Some courses are available in "Scenari format". 


 is an 
open source software suite that seeks to introduce a new methodology to edit and publish multimedia documents.

AeroGATES is a  high technological organization for managing international dimension activities and projects

AeroGATES operates in the world to support the growth of aeronautical activities.

AeroGATES develops:     

  • education projets,

  • training activities,

  • new concepts of transportation,

  • etc

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