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Three new projects have emerged in the last few years:

  • the creation of a BSC - Master at USTH, Vietnam,
  • the opening of a PART-147 organisation within HeliCONTROL, Hungary 
  • the setting up of a new PART-147 organisation at AMI, Mauritius

Finally, a project to renovate a regional EASA PART 147 training centre in the Caribbean region.


AIRBUS sought the expertise of AeroGATES through IAS (Institut Aéronautique & Spatial) to implement the aeronautics license at USTH.

The work program ran from 2016 to 2018. During this period, AeroGATES developed all training materials and practical sheets. The laboratories are defined (purchase of equipment and installation of practical work).

USTH - Hanoi


  • all the courses are available, 
  • the laboratories are operational, 
  • the bachelor course has started in September 2019. 

​Some bachelor students extend their studies by 1 year in order to obtain PART-66 knowledge (categories B1 and B2). They are generally hired by VAECO.    


ENAC “Ecole Nationale Aviation Civile” is in charge of opening a master's degree that follows the bachelor's course. 

Inauguration of the aeronautical laboratory (2018)

New labs on the aeronautical department of USTH



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HeliCONTROL approached AeroGATES in April 2020 to set up an EASA PART-147 training center. 

This will be attached to the activity that HeliCONTROL develops in the field of helicopter maintenance.

HeliCONTROL is holder of the EASA PART-145 approval and has a great industrial expertise.


In this project, AeroGATES provided its PART-66 courses, the practical work sheets and the bank of Multi Choice Questions for knowledge testing.
HeliCONTROL contributed the skills of its qualified engineers in training and project engineering. This expertise enabled HeliCONTROL to set up all the laboratories and prepare the Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition (MTOE) file submitted to the Hungarian authorities for PART-147 approval.


Recently, the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority has recognized HeliCONTROL as a PART-147 organization.

HeliCONTROL's helicopter Maintenance Repair Organization

HeliCONTROL's helicopter PART-145 hangar

HeliCONTROL's PART-147 organization


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AMI (Air Mauritius Institute)'s mission is to provide Aeronautical Training in Mauritius and in the SADC region (Southern African Development Community).


Today, AMI wishes to widen its training offer to students in Aeronautical Maintenance. 


The Training Center must obtain:

  • the MCAR-147 Approval from Mauritius Department of Civil Aviation,
  • the PART-147Approval from the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)

Today, the following points have already been achieved:

  • The training center will be located at the airport in Plaisance, 
  • Course materials are available,
  • laboratory materials are defined and practical work sheets are available,
  • Administrators, trainers and other staff are already in place or in the process of being set up.

Classroom examples

Labs in preparation



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Restarting the caribbean project:

We will take a closer look at a project to renovate a training center located in Guadeloupe and created in 2017: IMAC (Institut de Maintenance Aéronautique de la Caraïbe).

Difficulties have arisen in its local organization. 

The project has therefore been suspended and its restart is planned for 2023. Improvements will be made in order to guarantee its future sustainability.

A first achievement, the IMAC (Institut de Maintenance Aéronautique de la Caraïbe) was born in 2017. It allowed the training of two promotions of students.

Difficulties have arisen in its local organization. 

The project has therefore been suspended and its restart is planned for 2023.Improvements will be made in order to guarantee its future sustainability.

This project will shortly be taken over by the training organization ACS (Aero Caribbean Services).
Training is scheduled to take place on the premises of a high school near Pointe-à-Pitre.


Further details will be available in early September 2023.

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