AeroGATES , at your service...
AeroGATES , at your service...


Note: These documents are only intended for the evaluation of course quality. Only certain lessons are accessible.
If you wish to have access to all the lessons of a specific category, please contact us via the "Contact" tab.

We will study your needs together and define the modalities that can satisfy you.




1. Individual learning, PART-66 booklets

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Note: We have also available courses for the categories:

  • B1.2 - Piston aeroplane,
  • B1.4 - Piston helicopters, and
  • B3 - Light aircraft.

2. PART-66 practices leaflets

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3. Elearning - ElearnSTATION platform

ElearnSTATION is an elearning platform.

It reproduce a concrete structure based on the analogy of of a school / classroom

  • The 4 key actors are:
    • The trainees,
    • The tutors,
    • The authors of the courses
    • The headmaster of  school.

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                                                         LEARNER                         abi4qryr

                                                         ADMINISTRATOR                 fy9bqrxa

                                                         AUTHOR                                 ffgalqne

                                                         TUTOR                                     gpihupjz

4. Support for the EASA PART-147 agreement 

AeroGATES can assist institutions that wish to acquire the EASA PART-147 accreditation.

For this purpose, in addition to course materials, AeroGATES can provide:

  • The number of MCQs required per category,
  • The definition of the practical laboratories, the choice of materials,
  • The writing of the practical worksheets and the setting up of the experiments.
  • The definition of the Quality rules and
  • The writing of the MTOE (Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition).

For further information, please contact us.

AeroGATES is a  high technological organization for managing international dimension activities and projects

AeroGATES operates in the world to support the growth of aeronautical activities.

AeroGATES develops:     

  • education projets,

  • training activities,

  • new concepts of transportation,

  • etc

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