AeroGATES , at your service...
AeroGATES , at your service...

AeroGATES learning tools

Individual PART-66 booklets

The booklet system developed by AeroGATES makes it possible to simply build a personalized training program adapted to the specific needs of each learner.

Example: EASA PART-66 - B1.1 Category

The administrator ensures the putting on line supports and documents. 

He manages the connection of the learner to contents and surveys his correct training access.


The learner uses his individual electronic booklet allowing him to access his training course.


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ElearnSTATION platform

ElearnSTATION is an elearning platform.

It reproduce a concrete structure based on the analogy of of a school / classroom

  • The 4 key actors are:
    • The trainees,
    • The tutors,
    • The authors of the courses
    • The headmaster of  school.

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                                                         LEARNER                         abi4qryr

                                                         ADMINISTRATOR                 fy9bqrxa

                                                         AUTHOR                                 ffgalqne

                                                         TUTOR                                     gpihupjz

AeroGATES is a  high tech organization for managing international dimension activities and projects

AeroGATES operates in the world to support the growth of aeronautical activities.


Aerogates develops:   

  • education projects,

  • training activities,

  • new concepts of transportation, 

  • etc.

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